I grew up in a socially diverse multicultural family environment, which was followed by work experience in an international setting: I lived and worked for 6 years in Cameroon. Since 1992 I have been living and working in Germany and France. I call myself a “world citizen”: international friendships and work experiences have left their mark on my personality and have stimulated my curiosity about how we think, work and live and made me more open minded and open to diversity.




  • Diploma in Social and Family Economics (relationship counselling) F-Angers 1983
  • International commerce and marketing F-Strasbourg 1991
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming B-Bruxelles 2001
  • Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language
  • Seminars to develop my personality such as yoga, qi qong, expressive dance, Téhima and Gospel singing

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World citizen, intercultural, across boarder, countries and culture, value, vision, intention, attention, balance